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Ground floor 

Night from 150 €

Week from 735 €

Months from 1350 €

1st floor
Suitebellevue1er .JPG

Night from 125 €

Week from 613 €

Months from 1125 €

2nd  stage 
3rd  stage 

Night from 165 €

Week from 809 €

Months from 1490 €

app2 ch2.jpg

Night from 112 €

Week from 549 €

Months from 1000 €

We invite you to complete the reservation form

and / or contact us directly by email or phone for detailed prices.

Suites can be booked for the day (teleworking),  

at night  with a decreasing rate from 3 nights (15% reduction),

weekly or monthly.

The amount of the tourist tax will be added to the price of the night at the time of booking.

Any special request must be subject to prior agreement.

and will give rise to additional invoicing.

We invite you to send your request below

or contact us directly on 07 83 41 88 06

We will get back to you as soon as possible to check availability.

Booking form 

Thank you for what you sent !

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